2019 Stewardship Campaign

"How can we keep from sharing?"

Stewardship Committee "Stew Crew"



Susan Curtis, Jeff Curtis (co-chair)




Peggy Rada, Heath Rada



Nancy Gaskin





Lynne Meacham (co-chair), Jim Veilleux, Susan Meade, Jean Veilleux

What is stewardship? (videos)

Logo and theme song

1. Our lives unfold in different ways,

As we are joined together.

In Christ united as we serve,

In calm or stormy weather.

            No one can keep our spirits down,

            While this great Church is caring.

            We thank our God for all its gifts,

            How can we keep from sharing?

2. We serve the homeless and oppressed.

We call for understanding

That ALL God’s children here belong.

We follow God’s commanding.


3. We teach, we learn, we question too,

Our faith is always growing.

Continuing the church’s work,

To all, Christ’s love, we’re sharing.


4. We bring our tithes and offerings

Responding to God’s caring.

Our Savior lives, and we respond.

How can we keep from sharing?


(Text by Heath Rada to be sung to “How Can I Keep from Singing?”)

2019 Pledge Letter

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