2020 Stewardship Campaign

"Life Abundant"

Stewardship Committee "Stew Crew"

Meet the 2020 Stew Crew!


Laurie Stradley – Reader, community, family




Jonathan Ross – College instructor, singer, disc golf
Laura Ross – Yoga instructor, musician, hospitality



Robin Gaiser – Musician, author, swimmer
Gordon Gaiser – Traveler, reader, walker



Lon Bechtel
– Thoughtful, quiet, reader




Amber White
– Happy, realtor, cook




Chuck Reiley
– Energetic, Rotary, athletic (golf, aerobics)



The Crew is supported by the whole GCPC staff. Marcia, Samantha, and Natalie are with us at meetings each week.



2020 Stew Crew Logo







2020 Stew Crew Letter

2020 Stew Crew Letter



























Are we there yet?

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