Christians are life-long learners. Our adult education classes are a place to ask, to seek, to connect, to discuss, and to wonder about things that matter. Contact Richard Coble with questions or for more information.

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Adult Education Classes

Lenten Term | March 1 - April 5
Sundays | 9:15 AM

Pressure Points | Many Paths to Prayer: Contemplative Prayer & Labyrinths | Fellowship Hall

“There are many ways to kneel and kiss the ground” -Rumi.

Join us for an educational and participatory class series exploring forms of contemplative prayer and the labyrinth as prayer walk.  A labyrinth walk touches the walker before the walk begins, making space for an intuitive recognition that this time of spiritual practice is different or special and very sacred. Our intention for the class, then, is to add an opportunity to the life of our community to prepare, to reflect, to be more present and aware of God’s mysterious and abiding presence in our lives. During this Lenten journey, we will be engaging labyrinths across town, within our own fellowship hall, and even in the palms of our hands.

Facilitators: Jaan Ferree, Jim Branden, Johanna Manasse, and Mike Fleenor

The Improv | Parenting and Sabbath | Jerusalem Room

Parenting with a Sabbath mindset is a way of being that is rooted in our relationship with the Divine that generates opportunities for greater connection, congruence, grace and peace with our children. We will take a deep dive into the characteristics of Sabbath and their relevance to parenting. Each week we will explore intentional family spiritual practices to aid our children and ourselves to grow into the fullness of who we are as spiritual beings. Whether you are a parent, grandparent, mentor, or simply a fellow congregant to the children of GCPC, these conversations will help us deepen our relationships between generations and find places of grace within ourselves.

Facilitators: Caroline Wyrosdick-Webb and Janice Kominski

Digging In | The Misunderstood Jew: Understanding Jesus with Amy-Jill Levine | Choir Room

How did Jesus’s Jewish faith as a First Century rabbi shape his ministry? What do Christians today need to know about the Jewishness of Jesus and how might we be misunderstanding him by taking him out of his religious context? Further, can ignoring Jesus’s Jewish faith lead Christians to repeat anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic teachings? New Testament scholar and Jewish feminist Amy-Jill Levine writes that, “it is necessary to see Jesus as firmly within Judaism rather than as standing apart from it…A distorted picture of first-century Judaism inevitably leads to a distorted picture of Jesus.” For Lent this year, we will be exploring Jesus, The Misunderstood Jew, through her work.

Facilitators: Samantha Gonzalez-Block and Richard Coble