GCPC Palooza 2019

GCPC Palooza 2019

GCPC Palooza 2019

Come and celebrate, explore, and engage how the faith we practice together forms the lives we live.

How can your faith change the world?
How does the way of life we learn about at the Communion Table shape the lives we actually live?

These are the questions we will be exploring together all Fall at GCPC.

Saturday, September 7 | 6:00 PM | GCPC Fellowship Hall

Saturday night is a night at The Improv! 

Dinner and improv comedy will be full of laughs, food, fellowship, and new insights about how living faithfully means being able to improvise, adapt, and make life from where we are. You’ll be entertained, engaged, and inspired! We’ll be entertained by The Asheville Improv Collective and The Irreverands–an improv troupe of reverends–some of whom will be familiar to you!6:00 Introductions and Welcome
6:00: Introductions and Welcome
6:30: Dinner
6:45: The Irreverands
7:15: Improv Games
7:45: Asheville Improv Collective

Sunday, September 8 | 10:15 AM | GCPC

Sunday will be full of celebration, inspiration, and opportunity!

One worship service at 10:15am in the Sanctuary with Spirit-filled worship and Communion starts the celebration. Then lunch is provided and we will enjoy everything from bouncy houses and games to new ways to make the practices of faith a part of your everyday life. Instead of one big day of service this year for Palooza, we will have many of our Ministry Partners, GCPC Teams, Committees, Councils, and Programs with us so that you can explore how to make service, growth, and community a regular part of our lives, not just one-time special events. Oh, and ice cream from The Hop…¬†with toppings!

10:15: worship
11:30: Rally day, informational tables, bouncy houses, lunch
12:45: Games
1:00: Ice Cream Sundays
1:30: More Games