Room In The Inn (RITI)

Next Room In The Inn (RITI) | February 9 – 16 | GCPC
The first of two RITI sessions in 2020 is coming up soon! You can sign up in the narthex on Sundays or you can sign up online HERE. There are so many ways to help with this ministry including overnight hosting, driving and/or food preparation. The sooner we fill the slots, the better prepared we are to host the women. Thank you in advance for supporting this important outreach.

What is Room in the Inn (RITI)?

This is a program of the Asheville area churches for hosting up to 12 women for one week, two to three times a year. We partner in this ministry with the Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

How does it help? 

RITI is a part of Asheville’s Homeward Bound organization. Women can participate in RITI for 90 days, during which time they are helped to find permanent housing and provided with the skills and support that help them stay there.

What does GCPC do during that week?

Volunteers from both congregations provide all aspects of care while they are with us. This involves:

Set-up on Sunday after Worship (mattresses, pillows, blankets)
Transportation (morning and evening, from A HOPE Day Center)
Provide breakfast for guests
Provide supper for guests
Overnight volunteer team (the back-bone of the program.)