Me and White Supremacy Study @ Grace Covenant

Grace Covenant invites you to join in a 2020 study of
Lalya Saad’s, Me and White Supremacy.

This 28-day study supports a deep and honest examination into the ways in which we, as a white-dominant congregation, consciously and unconsciously uphold white supremacy through action and inaction.

Read this letter from the Session inviting us into this spiritual practice. 

Watch this video to learn more about this church initiative.

Click here to participate this fall.

Ways to engage with Grace Covenant:

Order a book from Grace Covenant

Grace Covenant has copies of Me and White Supremacy available for $20.

Financial support is available. Please contact Anna Louise for assistance.

Click here to order a book.

Join a “Me and White Supremacy” Reflection Group

Me & White Supremacy Reflection Groups 

Reflection Groups are a group of six people who commit to gather once a week for eight weeks to reflect, share and support each other going through Me and White Supremacy.  

The Reflection Group schedule options are:

  • August 16-October 4: Sunday 9am, Sunday 7pm and Wednesday at 7pm
  • September 6-October 25: Sunday 9am, Sunday 6pm and Wednesday 7pm
  • October 4-November 22: Sunday 9am, Sunday 7pm, Friday 7am and Monday 7pm

How to sign up: Click here to sign up to be in a Reflection Group. After learning of available times from participants, we will form groups and let you know your Reflection Group by August 10th.

Who can participate? This study is open to all, and you do not have to be a member of Grace Covenant church in order to join a Reflection Group. This study is intended for adult study. If you are a youth in the church, please reach out to Samantha to learn more about how the youth are engaging in issues of undoing white supremacy culture.

Can couples participate in a Reflection Group together? We invite couples to discern how they want to engage with honesty and accountability in this study. It is encouraged for couples to consider joining separate reflection groups to build stronger trust and relationships with a broader network of your church community. There will be a few couple groups formed for couples who do want to participate in a Reflection Group together.

How will Reflection Groups be structured? Reflection Groups will meet over zoom for 1 ½ hours weekly for eight weeks. Groups will gather using The Circle Way format. You can learn more about The Circle Way here: One member in each group will serve in an initial convening role – sending out the Zoom link information and hosting the first meeting together. Then, roles will rotate between group members as described in The Circle Way. 

Do I have to attend all sessions during the eight weeks? The hope and expectation is that you will be able to join for all eight weeks. Luckily zoom provides a format where you can still participate if you are traveling! We understand that life can happen, but the commitment to your reflection group is that you will participate for all eight weeks to the best of your ability. 

Is Me and White Supremacy a faith-based curriculum? Me and White Supremacy is not a faith-based curriculum. We are prayerful that, by participating as a faith community together, we will strengthen one another’s support and sustainability in dismantling the ways that white supremacy culture is present in ourselves and in our church community.

Can I form my own reflection group? Please reach out to Kate Shem ( or Liz Huesemann ( if you want to pursue this option. 

What happens after I sign up? You will learn about your Reflection Group information by August 10th.

Participate in Reflective Zoom meetings

The church will host three reflective zoom gatherings during our congregational study. These zoom gatherings are open to anyone (whether you are in a Reflection Group or going through an independent study). You can join for just one or all three. You do not have to pre-register to participate in the gatherings.

    • September 13, 7-8:30pm
    • October 4, 7-8:30pm
    • November 15, 7-8:30pm

Additional Resources

In preparation for this study, we invite you to listen to and reflect on Marcia Mount Shoop’s Devotionals: